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Commercial Auto

Bridges around the world are aging, roadways are more congested, and businesses with commercial fleets are facing greater risks than ever before. We provide a range of products and services to meet the needs of commercial auto insurers. Our standardized policy program covers a wide range of commercial vehicles and exposures and allows insurers to tailor coverage for their customers.

Our telematics offerings help you get a better understanding of risk based on driving behavior and patterns. By knowing where individual vehicles travel and by gaining insight into their speed and control, insurers can offer discounts to individual commercial drivers or entire fleets.

Our predictive modeling tools help you evaluate your commercial auto risks with more accuracy; target your marketing, underwriting, and pricing efforts; and discover new opportunities to improve your competitive differentiation.

We offer motor vehicle reports (MVRs) that give you information on your potential insureds' traffic violations and accidents — helping you underwrite commercial auto policies effectively. We also provide a reporting service that satisfies your statutory obligations to report auto coverage to state DMVs.

Products and Services

Commercial Lines Manual (CLM) Information on ISOnet ISOnet® — the Internet information service for insurance professionals — contains a complete electronic version of the current ISO Commercial Lines Manual (CLM), as well as historical information back to 1994. You'll find an integrated state insurance manual (SIM) for each ISO line…
ISO ClaimSearch® - ISO Claims Solutions ISO ClaimSearch® and integrated solutions for improving claims processing and fighting insurance fraud ISO claims services provide a wide variety of integrated tools to help you at every step of the claims process. ISO's claims-management, analysis, investigations, and support services can help you improve and streamline your workflow and…
For more than 25 years, insurers have relied on the State Filing Handbook from ISO for compliance details on filing rates, rules, and forms in all jurisdictions. The handbook tells you how to make independent filings in every state and what to do in response to ISO filings. And now,…
ISO offers a variety of standard data compilations in machine-readable formats, providing information about the major lines of insurance.
Custom Research Evaluate Strategy, Markets and Business Directions There are times when you need very specific research to evaluate a strategy, market, or new business direction. When you don't have the resources available on staff, ISO can help by gathering, evaluating, and reporting on trends and developments in the marketplace — and gauging their effects…
The reports and analyses provide information about the market for commercial auto, general liability, and other lines, in a format that meets your needs.
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