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Insurance Policy Programs

We’re the recognized leader in developing standardized insurance policy programs for personal and commercial lines that help you define and cover the risks your policyholders face. We provide programs for many specialty lines, including e-commerce, cyber risk, crime and fidelity, inland marine, and financial institutions.

We’re a trusted partner in ensuring compliance with certain statutory and regulatory requirements. We monitor technological, social, and business issues—as well as legislative, regulatory, and legal developments—that may affect our programs. We constantly track insurance legislation and court cases and update our vast library of policy language, ratings, and rules to cover the latest risks. Our programs help regulators make sure your policies meet basic coverage expectations, simplify claim settlements, and assist you in entering new markets and lines of business.

We have tools to help you analyze reinsurance contracts and guide you in your reinsurance purchasing decisions. And we offer indices providing values that you can use as triggers for a variety of traded financial market instruments for casualty and workers' compensation.

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Products and Services

Advisory Prospective Loss CostsISO's advisory prospective loss costs are accurate projections of average future claim costs and loss-adjustment expenses — overall and by coverage, class, territory, and other categories.Your company can use ISO's estimates of future loss costs in making independent decisions about the prices you charge for your policies.…
MILD™ (Multi-Distributional Increased Limits Developer)Bringing speed, accuracy, and flexibility to increased-limits analysis of casualty excess-of-loss reinsurance treatiesISO's MILD™ software provides a complete, self-contained exposure rating model you can use to perform the most sophisticated custom analyses of your casualty excess-of-loss reinsurance treaties. In a few keystrokes, you can take your…
ALAE Size-of-Loss DistributionsThe ALAE Size-of-Loss Distributions model provides tables of loss and allocated loss adjustment expenses (ALAE) for 94 lines of insurance within the general liability, commercial auto and medical/professional lines.The model contains a database of 40,000 discreet probabilities for the joint distribution of indemnity loss and allocated loss adjustment…
Personal Lines Manual Information on ISOnetISOnet® — the Internet information service for insurance professionals — now offers complete information from ISO's personal lines manuals. When you subscribe to ISOnet Insurance Line Services, you automatically get online access to viewable personal lines manuals for the lines of insurance and states you're…
Medical Professional LiabilityIf you write liability insurance for doctors or hospitals, ISO's simplified medical professional liability program can offer you comprehensive coverages and optional endorsements that address the needs of today's marketplace.If you write liability insurance for doctors or hospitals, ISO's simplified medical professional liability program can offer you comprehensive…
Lloyd's Wordings Repository Helping you achieve pre-bind quality assurance and contract certainty You know that all the terms and conditions of an insurance contract — including policy wordings — need to be certain before policy inception. To help you achieve pre-bind quality assurance and contract certainty, we’ve created a single source of model wordings for use in the London market. At the touch of a button, the Lloyd’s Wordings Repository…