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Energy and Insurance

Energy and Insurance

Is your underwriting infused with data analytics insight?

  • Expense Ratio Reduction: Is it operationally efficient and speedy?
  • Loss Ratio Enhancement: Does it drive more precision in risk selection, assessment, and pricing?
  • Deeper Insight: Is it designed to serve up layers of analytics deriving more insight out of thousands of disparate data points?

Verisk Insurance Solutions is working with:

  • 11,500 data points on more than 400 refineries around the world
  • 55 million energy data points in the global upstream oil and gas industry
  • Information on 8,900 power plants in the United States
  • 19 billion records in commercial and personal lines from more than 1,800 insurers
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Manage Climate & Weather Risk for Insurance

Verisk Insurance Solutions provides detailed, accurate analytics of weather, climate, and environmental perils to help you understand and manage risk. Our services will let you better allocate field staff, improve customer satisfaction, reduce workflow cycle time, and support growth strategies. These natural hazard analyses span both catastrophe and non-catastrophe events that affect underwriting, claims, and enterprise risk.

Claims and Underwriting


Consulting Services

Benchmark weather reports and maps
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