Your Questions, Our Answers: The Truth Behind Background Check Turnaround Times

Your Questions, Our Answers: The Truth Behind Background Check Turnaround Times

The second most repeated customer inquiry or complaint received through our annual survey and customer support interactions concerns the turnaround times of criminal background check reports.

As we discussed in a prior blog (Why Do You Need Verified Background Checks?): "We only offer criminal searches that are based on verified records. What does that mean? In short, we take steps to ensure that when we return a criminal history report on your job candidate or employee, we verify the information with the source of the finding to prevent returning a report on someone else, who might share the same or a similar name, for example…Our thorough procedures might mean waiting a bit longer for the results of a background check to be returned, as compared with the ‘instant’ findings delivered via a quick database search, but we are committed to delivering accurate results in compliance with the law."

iiX takes all customer input seriously and actively works to continually improve our policies, processes, and procedures to ensure better products, increased efficiency, and faster interaction. We look forward to receiving additional insight from you, our customers.

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Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is customer support manager of the Verisk Analytics iiX unit, a premier provider of motor vehicle reports (MVRs) and preemployment screening services. Having been with iiX more than 20 years, his focus has always been on improving the customers experience. He currently manages a team that has continued to provide a customer satisfaction rate of 96% or above for over 10 years.