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We provide underwriting and rating information and services to help you understand and manage risks, reduce policy acquisition costs, improve rate classification integrity, and support your growth and retention strategies. Our offerings help you price your risks, reduce premium leakage, and maximize profitability.

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Products and Services

Top 100 Insurer Financial Results Top 100 Insurer Financial Results from ISO is a quarterly compilation of underwriting and financial data for each of the 100 largest U.S. property/casualty insurance groups. The information is available as a PDF report or an Excel® spreadsheet package. You can use Top 100 Insurer…
Query Commercial Classification Code QC3 Find the correct classification codes quickly and easily ISO's Query Commercial Classification Code (QC3) is an online lookup tool for underwriters, actuaries, and risk managers. With QC3, you can find the correct commercial classification code for workers' compensation or general liability in a specific jurisdiction…
The Analysts’ Summary Package from ISO is a collection of timely reports on the property/casualty insurance industry’s financial and underwriting results. Designed for actuaries, underwriters, consultants, and investment professionals, these accurate and easily assimilated publications will give you valuable insights into the rapidly changing property/casualty marketplace. When you subscribe to…
Advisory Prospective Loss Costs ISO's advisory prospective loss costs are accurate projections of average future claim costs and loss-adjustment expenses — overall and by coverage, class, territory, and other categories. Your company can use ISO's estimates of future loss costs in making independent decisions about the prices you charge for…
PSOLD™ (Commercial Property Size-of-Loss Database with Report-Generating Software) Essential analytical and pricing tools for reinsurance underwriters and actuaries Quickly and accurately price commercial property excess-of-loss reinsurance for any number of layers With ISO's PSOLD™, a complete exposure-rating tool, you can sharpen your pricing analysis. With the software, you can quickly and easily perform excess-of-loss reinsurance…
Personal Lines Manual Information on ISOnet ISOnet® — the Internet information service for insurance professionals — now offers complete information from ISO's personal lines manuals. When you subscribe to ISOnet Insurance Line Services, you automatically get online access to viewable personal lines manuals for the lines of insurance and states…