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We provide underwriting and rating information and services to help you understand and manage risks, reduce policy acquisition costs, improve rate classification integrity, and support your growth and retention strategies. Our offerings help you price your risks, reduce premium leakage, and maximize profitability.

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Products and Services

A-PLUS Auto - Innovative Loss History Solutions Enable more accurate underwriting and rating at point of quote It’s no longer necessary to make the trade-off between ordering loss history reports at bind to save money and providing a positive customer experience. With A-PLUS, which draws from one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry,…
Building Code Effectiveness Classifications Not all communities have equally stringent building codes, nor do all communities enforce their codes with equal vigor. Yet the effectiveness of local building codes can help you predict how well a structure will fare in a hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster. After Hurricane Katrina, photos taken in Louisiana showed…
LOCATION - FloodAssist FloodAssist® helps you determine a property's flood zone, find other necessary flood data, and satisfy National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requirements. FloodAssist, developed with LPS National Flood, automatically cross-references FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), tax maps, and aerial and satellite photos to identify the specific location. According to the NFIP, the…
Consumer Credit Data | Easy Access to Credit-Based Insurance Scores Through strategic alliances with leading credit information services, Verisk gives you easy access to critical consumer credit data. The information helps you predict the expected loss ratio or claim frequency associated with an insurance policy applicant. Credit scoring can be an invaluable aid in underwriting…
ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto Environmental Module V2 Refine your rating by taking a good look at how geographic variables affect your risks Traffic volume. Commuting patterns. Terrain. Precipitation. Temperatures. Extreme weather. Speed limits. Elevation. Population. What influence do geographic variables such as those have on a vehicle’s loss potential?…
LOCATION - Wildfire Risk Verisk offers you multiple services to manage wildfire risk at the address level to support underwriting decisions, select rating plans, and manage exposure concentration. Wildfires have increased dramatically during the past decade. In the United States, an average of about 3 million acres burned each year between 1970 and 1999. In…