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Statistical Plans, Sources of Reporting Changes, and New Data Reporting and Management Tools

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Data and Statistical Services

Credible and high-quality data is the foundation of sound decision-making. No organizations rely more heavily on data than property/casualty insurers and the insurance departments that regulate them. Contributing data to the ISO statistical database — and taking advantage of our array of analyses, reports, and services derived from the database — will provide you with significant benefits. You’ll be getting analytics and decision-support tools based on the industry’s largest collection of statistics.

We provide loss costs, aggregate information on insurance trends, cash flow and investment income analyses, classification and territory analyses, assessments of financial risk from catastrophic events, reports on loss development and severity trends, insurance premium change information, and more.

You can use the extensive information in our statistical database for ratemaking, reinsurance pricing, classification analysis, benchmarking, strategic planning, underwriting, and marketing. With data from our databases, you can assess the profitability of market segments and track trends such as premium-to-exposure ratios. And you can use the results of analyses to evaluate your current markets and make better pricing and underwriting decisions.

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Products and Services

ALAE Size-of-Loss Distributions The ALAE Size-of-Loss Distributions model provides tables of loss and allocated loss adjustment expenses (ALAE) for 94 lines of insurance within the general liability, commercial auto and medical/professional lines. The model contains a database of 40,000 discreet probabilities for the joint distribution of indemnity loss and allocated loss adjustment expenses. You get…
PAASbaseTM Your leading resource for premium audit and classification information Whether you're a premium auditor, an underwriter, an agent, or a broker, ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS®) brings you valuable information and services relating to commercial casualty classification. And now, you can get electronic access to PAAS products and service in two efficient ways:…
Lloyd's Wordings Repository Helping you achieve pre-bind quality assurance and contract certainty You know that all the terms and conditions of an insurance contract — including policy wordings — need to be certain before policy inception. To help you achieve pre-bind quality assurance and contract certainty, we’ve created a single…
ISO's Actuarial Service Information That Enlightens ISO’s Actuarial Service provides the information you need to enhance your decision making and boost your productivity and profitability. Using ISO’s data to supplement your own experience, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions about product pricing, marketing, underwriting, reserve adequacy, and reinsurance needs.…
ISO Statistical Plans on ISOnet® With ISOnet® — the Internet information service for insurance professionals — you have online access to ISO statistical circulars. When you participate with ISO for Statistical Service, we use the circulars to give you vital information relating to statistics, data collection, and quality assurance. ISO…
Personal Lines Customized Reports and Analyses ISO's Personal Lines Customized Reports and Analyses provide accurate, timely information for insurance companies and others who want to assess the market for personal auto, homeowners, and other personal lines of insurance. We can supply the information in a format that meets your needs.…
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