PCS First-Half 2014 Summary:
Gain perspective on the 29 catastrophe events designated by Property Claim Services® (PCS®)

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2013 Year in Review: Close Call

Gain perspective on the 29 catastrophe events designated by Property Claim Services® (PCS®)

Catastrophe Management

We offer products, services, and analytical models to assess individual risks, analyze your portfolio distribution, assist with reserving decisions, and evaluate risk transfer alternatives.

Before a catastrophe occurs, our models can show you how events—both natural and man-made—are likely to behave and affect buildings and infrastructure. We also have models that use historical events and extreme disaster scenarios to analyze exposure and loss for regions you specify. And during a catastrophe, we offer real-time reporting and analysis for major natural catastrophes, including tropical cyclones, winter storms, earthquakes, and floods, as they unfold.

After a catastrophe, we assign catastrophe serial numbers—recognized throughout the insurance industry—to help the industry track losses. We collect data on insured losses and provide analytics that define the extent and type of damage, establish dates of occurrence, and determine the geographic areas affected. And our data and reporting tools can help you allocate capital and other resources, improve underwriting, streamline catastrophe response, benchmark performance against the industry, and plan for future risks.

Verisk also offers several tools to assist insurers, reinsurers, and other interested parties with alternative risk transfer. Our catastrophe indices provide values that companies can use as triggers for a variety of traded financial market instruments. We created our tools to offer the reliability, consistency, and transparency that issuers of insurance-linked securities need to make smarter decisions with their capital.

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View the Financial Effects of Natural Disasters, which displays the estimated losses from PCS-designated catastrophes for each state by decade.

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Products and Services

PCS Catastrophe Loss Index Property Claim Services® (PCS®) estimates are widely accepted as triggers in many traded financial-market instruments, including exchange-traded futures and options, catastrophe bonds, catastrophe swaps, industry loss warranties (ILWs), and other catastrophe derivative instruments. Many catastrophe bonds use the PCS Catastrophe Loss Index. Catastrophe bond and industry…
Verisk’’s Catastrophe Loss Analysis Report — available through the ProMetrix® system — helps you manage your exposure to loss from hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, and earthquakes. You get objective, accurate risk profiles for individual buildings in the ProMetrix commercial property database —and other commercial properties —at risk from those perils.
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