When is a sprinkler not a sprinkler?

Automatic sprinkler systems are a curious thing. You’d think they’d be pretty straightforward — either a building has one, or it doesn’t. Either it works, or it doesn’t. Not too complicated, right? But there are other categories of sprinkler systems, too — like the ones that may or may not exist. And some may not […]

The Dynamic World of Public Fire Protection

The content below appears in the Q1 2015 issue of Visualize, a quarterly magazine from Verisk Insurance Solutions that contains commentary and insights about auto and property underwriting. You’ll also find articles on the future of “smart” homes, a new technology that can help prevent fraud, 2014 catastrophes, and more. Our community hazard mitigation field […]

Evolution of Homeowners Underwriting

At the start of a new year, we review the past and speculate about the future. As you consider how homeowners insurance may change in the coming years, we thought it would be fun to share a look back at how homeowners underwriting has evolved since the advent of the first U.S. insurance policy in […]

FLASH 2014: Revelations around resilience

Recently, ISO Community Mitigation manager Ralph Dorio and I attended the 2014 FLASH Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. FLASH, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, is one of the country’s leading nonprofit consumer advocates for strengthening homes and safeguarding families from natural and man-made disasters. The organization focuses on innovation, integrity, and collaboration, and ISO […]

Drone Coverage: Coming Soon to a Policy near You

As companies around the United States look to integrate drones, or unmanned aircraft, into their operations, ISO has been researching associated risks and developing endorsement options to help address current and future needs. New white paper: We just published a white paper called Exploring Drones: How Unmanned Aircraft Could Change the Way We Live, Work, […]

The perils of construction misclassification

One factor to consider when underwriting a commercial property insurance policy is fire risk, and a main consideration in determining that risk is assigning the proper construction class to the building. You need to know what materials the building is made of to estimate how much damage it will sustain if a fire occurs. Verisk […]