Smartphone video app enables insureds to collaborate in claims resolutions

There are more smart devices than there are people in the United Kingdom—with 130 per cent penetration. Almost everybody has a smartphone, according to Yahoo’s Flurry. We take more photos with phones than cameras, and we spend more time browsing for personal reasons on smartphones than we do on computers—twice as long, according to a […]

Four Billion Car Sightings to Inform Investigations

Wouldn’t adjusters relish the chance to know if a claimant’s vehicle had bumper damage before the reported date of the accident? And wouldn’t the claims department be interested to discover that a policyholder with a rural Pennsylvania address frequently parks in the Bronx? Endless investigative possibilities open up when you can view vehicle photographs that […]

ISO ClaimSearch mobile app update gives users additional functionality

When the ISO ClaimSearch® mobile app launched in August, it provided users with on-the-go access to Claims Inquiry. Whether at the office or in the field, users can easily tap the app to search the entire ISO ClaimSearch database consisting of more than 1 billion claims. To assist adjusters in developing claims and aid SIU […]

2016 Claims Preview

“Point of claim” revolution will push fraud analytics upstream Looking ahead to the state of claims in 2016, one of the most significant trends in claims processing will be a new emphasis on information, analytics, and decision making at the “point of claim.” The workflow of the first notice of loss (FNOL) has traditionally started […]

ISO ClaimSearch User Meetings in California and Georgia

There’s still time to join an ISO ClaimSearch® User Meeting this fall! Choose from Atlanta, Sacramento, or San Diego to meet up with the ISO ClaimSearch team and explore the solutions that drive successful investigations and decisions, as well as new and ever-changing compliance issues. Our User Meetings will also give you a sneak peek […]

Search on the go! ISO ClaimSearch®
Mobile App

You rely on mobile tech at work and home, so now we’re developing mobile apps that will make claims-handling tasks faster, easier, and better. The first release of our ISO ClaimSearch® app will let you access Claims Inquiry on the go. Claims Inquiry searches the entire ISO ClaimSearch database of more than 1 billion claims. […]