Game-changing new ISO ClaimSearch® innovations will transform claims analytics

With a growing industrywide emphasis on financial performance, the speed and accuracy of claims decisions are more critical than ever to operational efficiency, customer retention, and your bottom line. But while data to support swift and smart decision making is abundant, most adjustors struggle with the challenge of assessing and deploying that data with precision. […]

Build a better claims department: Meeting the operational efficiency challenge

With claims costing insurance carriers more than $246 billion in 2015, claims department are under scrutiny. Operational inefficiencies must be minimized to mitigate costs and help improve your company’s bottom line. Although claims departments have lagged behind in terms of technology adoption, that’s changing as insurers view claims process optimization as one key to staying […]

Business Process Review engages customers and improves performance

Verisk’s complimentary Business Process Review service works with select customers to help analyze and improve their business practices. We employ a broad perspective and learn as much as possible about a customer’s specific line of business, including historical performance, processes, and challenges. We then compare this information against industry benchmarks, emerging trends, best practices, and […]

A new year, a new ISO ClaimSearch

Back in December, ISO ClaimSearch began its exciting transformation. The system will ultimately offer a more intuitive design supported by a robust system to facilitate faster claim handling and deliver superior claim data and insights. We launched a new login page and procedure in December as a preview to the major updates to come. Expect […]

Post-Jackson success possible with PICAS Plus

The Jackson Reforms present a number of challenges to the claimant solicitor community, including reduced fees from small claims. The challenges have resulted in a greater need for both efficiency and growth opportunities in the personal injury legal environment. PICAS® Plus has proven to be a robust solution in the post-Jackson environment by: helping streamline […]

The Effect of Saving Seconds at FNOL

Last year, ISO ClaimSearch members submitted 69,000,000 claims ― more than 264,000 claims a day. If you could use data from ISO ClaimSearch and other sources to cut first notice of loss (FNOL) processing by a mere 30 seconds, the U.S. property/casualty industry would save more than 36 work hours every day. That translates to […]