Digital Data Forensics Revolutionizing the Claims Landscape

The digital age is upon us—and that’s working both for and against insurers, specifically when it comes to fraud. It’s an unfortunate fact that while deserving claimants are seeking fair recompense for losses, unscrupulous people are exploiting the claims payment system. The question is, What can be done to stem the tide of lost dollars? […]

August 2017 Preview: Historical Catastrophe Activity

With summer well underway, beachgoers may welcome the warming Atlantic Ocean temperatures. But warm water and other factors have led researchers to update their 2017 hurricane forecasts since our June preview. One of those factors is the unusual tropical activity so far this season. The National Hurricane Center says a named storm forms in the […]

Self-Driving Cars Could Bring Big Changes to Insurance

Just last month, another automaker announced a 2025 goal to develop cars that drive themselves on city streets; and the company reaffirmed that cars capable of driving unassisted on highways will roll off its assembly lines by 2020.[1] The competition in vehicle automation is heating up, though most insurers feel “unprepared” for the changes this […]

Nevada Ecards

Governor Brian Sandoval signed Nevada Assembly Bill 455 into law on May 26, 2017. The law authorizes the electronic delivery of certain notices and documents relating to insurance policies, including auto insurance ID cards. Motorists may now provide proof of insurance through various electronic forms: Smart phones Tablets Computers

Tennessee suspension notice letters

Tennessee’s new Electronic Insurance Verification System (EIVS) is gearing up to begin their letter campaign for motorists found to not have auto liability insurance coverage. A series of four letters will be sent to motorists when the state’s EIVS is unable to confirm coverage for a VIN registered in Tennessee, in the following sequence: Request […]

A Solid Second Bite: CMS Re-review Now Allows New Medical Documentation

Yesterday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a new Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Portal (WCMSAP) User Guide and updated its re-review process to include a third option: re-reviews of WCMSA decisions based on significant treatment changes. Prior Options Precluded CMS from Considering Current Changes in Treatment CMS’ informal process had limited re-review […]