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    Five Reasons to Get Your Clients on the National Equipment Register

    Claims for stolen heavy equipment are expensive, and the odds of recovery are, to say the least, uncertain. In many cases, your clients could change those odds significantly. A combination of theft prevention measures and recovery tools could take a big bite out of the billion dollars of heavy equipment theft occurring every year. The […]

    Summer Months Are Busiest for Equipment Thieves

    As we approach the warm weather months from May through September, it’s important to note they can be the busiest times for thieves, according to a year-over-year analysis of equipment. In 2010, July was the most active month for theft, followed closely by June. In 2011, June had the most thefts, followed by May, July, […]

    NER Provides Latest News in Heavy Equipment Theft

    In 2011, the National Insurance Crime Bureau compiled more than 11,000 reports of machines stolen in the United States. Heavy equipment theft is an expensive problem across the country, and recovery rates remain low at only 21 percent. But equipment owners can help protect their assets, and NER’s newsletter, Equipment Theft Quarterly, provides information and […]

    The Five States Responsible for 40 Percent of Heavy Equipment Theft

    In August, National Equipment Register (NER), a division of Verisk Crime Analytics, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released their national report on 2011 heavy equipment theft.  The 2011 Heavy Equipment Theft Report reveals which types of equipment and which locations are the most likely candidates for theft and recovery. In addition, the report […]

    VIDEO: Eighty Percent of Stolen Heavy Equipment Is Gone Forever: What Can You Do?

    Each year, thieves steal hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of heavy equipment from job sites and farms across North America. Eighty percent of that equipment is never returned to the rightful owner. What can you do about it? There’s a simple, inexpensive measure you can take to protect your equipment: Register it with the […]