Ralph Dorio

Ralph Dorio

Ralph Dorio is the manager of ISO Community Hazard Mitigation.

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    Building codes: From one extreme to the other

    I was fortunate — for two reasons — to visit Newport Beach, California, recently. First, Newport Beach is a really nice place. In the depths of winter, the average low temperature is 50 degrees, and the summer high averages around 75 degrees. I could get used to that. Secondly (and, okay, more important), I was […]

    Building codes from Mesopotamia to Ohio

    The ancient Babylonian laws known as the Code of Hammurabi, dating back to Mesopotamia in 1772 B.C., probably featured the world’s first building codes. Although Ohio is a long way from Mesopotamia, that thought came to my mind as I joined about 30 of our building code Community Hazard Mitigation staff at a two-and-a-half-day summit […]

    Hard lessons from the Napa, California, earthquake

    The ALERT™ (AIR Loss Estimates in Real Time) sent  by AIR Worldwide, our fellow Verisk Analytics business, regarding the Napa, California, earthquake on August 26 really struck home for me. The initial report and follow-up ALERT gave an on-site assessment of damage and featured compelling photos. One paragraph in particular stayed with me: “In general, […]