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    August 2017 Preview: Historical Catastrophe Activity

    With summer well underway, beachgoers may welcome the warming Atlantic Ocean temperatures. But warm water and other factors have led researchers to update their 2017 hurricane forecasts since our June preview. One of those factors is the unusual tropical activity so far this season. The National Hurricane Center says a named storm forms in the […]

    July 2017 Preview: Historical Catastrophe Activity

    Summer has come to the northern hemisphere, and last ten years have seen July losses from wildfire, hurricane and other storm events. From 2007-2016, PCS designated 33 catastrophic events in this month– resulting in total insured losses of roughly $9.7 billion. Last year we saw the most active July, by frequency, of the past decade. […]

    June 2017 Preview: Historical Catastrophe Activity

    June brings hurricane season to the Atlantic basin, where the season begins officially on the first of the month and continues through the end of November. Forecasters have called for less-than-average tropical activity this season, and there have been no early hurricanes in 2017. Last year, Hurricane Alex made landfall in the Azores in January—which […]

    May 2017 Preview: Historical Catastrophe Activity

    Claims teams are preparing for the unpredictable next few months. Significant catastrophe activity has occurred during the month of May over the past decade, with two events making the PCS® Top Twenty list. The month also signals the industry that hurricane season is right around the corner. In the ten years from 2007 through 2016, […]

    April 2017 Preview: Historical Catastrophe Activity

    April is an active month for violent tornadoes, though overall tornadic activity typically peaks in May and June. We saw more violent tornadoes—EF4 and EF5—in April than any other month from 1950 through 2013. The past decade saw an average of 267 U.S. tornadoes in April. The April 2011 tornado outbreak is ranked as the […]

    March 2017 Preview: Historical Catastrophe Activity

    Property Claim Services® (PCS®) has designated 32 weather-related catastrophe events for the month of March between 2007 and 2016. Those events caused approximately $14.3 billion in insured losses and resulted in 2.2 million claims. The largest designated March event in the past ten years was CAT 67, a 2012 winter storm. The catastrophe involved six […]