Narendra Srivatsa

Narendra Srivatsa

Narendra Srivatsa is the assistant vice president of product development for Verisk Commercial Real Estate.

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    Rental income insights for commercial lenders and investors

    One of the challenges facing commercial real estate is the difficulty in finding the granular level of assessment required to determine rental income risk. Rental income is essential to determining acceptable returns over the long term. While many in the industry recognize the role it plays in commercial real estate investment and lending, tools to […]

    Tools of the rental trade

    In commercial real estate (CRE) investments, rental income is key in determining acceptable returns over the long term. While many recognize rental income’s role in CRE investment management, too often tools to assess rental income risk have gone unidentified and not applied to full advantage. Current criteria use lease data and make the assumption that […]

    Shedding light on opaque financials

    As a director for Verisk Commercial Real Estate, I hear many stories — some successful, some not-so-successful. In the commercial real estate industry, our clients and customers run into numerous potential risks, and knowing those risks up front when making an investment is paramount. Here’s one such example.  A commercial real estate developer I know […]

    Building codes and enforcement: Tools for a profitable commercial real estate investment

    Location and the reputation of a property are key to making sure a commercial real estate transaction is profitable. Location refers to the attractiveness of a property based on where it is physically in a community; proximity to public transportation, shopping areas, and places of interest; any historic designation; and other factors. Location also has […]

    Zoning reports: Not just for legal compliance

    A zoning report is likely the lowest-cost piece of information in the due diligence process for a commercial real estate transaction — but it might be the most valuable. Many people order zoning reports for compliance or other outstanding legal issues, but the detailed property information the reports convey can significantly affect your return on […]

    Seismic changes in commercial real estate transactions

    So many things come together at Verisk. That thought occurred to me as I read Ralph Dorio’s blog post (Hard lessons from the Napa, California, earthquake) about the AIR Worldwide ALERT™ regarding the recent earthquake. The Alert prompted him to write about the ISO Community Hazard Mitigation Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) program, which […]