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    Bring greater precision to wind and hail claims assessment

    In the past five years, insurers have reported more than 3.7 million hail claims and more than 6.8 million wind claims to ISO ClaimSearch®. Half a million hail claims and more than a million wind claims were reported in 2015 alone. Clearly, wind and hail are costing your business critical dollars in losses. This is […]

    Four Billion Car Sightings to Inform Investigations

    Wouldn’t adjusters relish the chance to know if a claimant’s vehicle had bumper damage before the reported date of the accident? And wouldn’t the claims department be interested to discover that a policyholder with a rural Pennsylvania address frequently parks in the Bronx? Endless investigative possibilities open up when you can view vehicle photographs that […]

    Five ways Decision Net® improves claims management

    Claims handling depends on information — and the faster you can access it, the better. So what are the top five ways Decision Net® ISO’s exclusive public records portal, improves claims handling? The answers are found at every step in the life of a claim. 1. First Notice of Loss At first notice of loss […]

    Decision Net Easy Access to Claims Scoring Improves Customer Service and Financial Results

    Decision Net®, ISO’s claims investigation gateway to a host of information products, now provides easy online access through the ISO ClaimSearch® website to ClaimDirectorSM Scoring-On-Demand Reports. This exciting new service includes an expert claims-scoring system and report that can help you streamline the claims-handling process and identify suspicious claims quickly and efficiently. ClaimDirectorSM Scoring-On-Demand Reports […]

    Integration of E-mail Address Search with Social Media Investigation Tool on Decision Net

    Do you need a quick and easy way to access information from the Internet for claims investigations? ISO ClaimSearch® Decision Net® has the tool. We’ve enhanced our E-mail Address Search by linking it to our Web Presence Search when a user finds e-mail matches for a person of interest. Selection of the option on the […]

    Get Healthcare Provider Information Quickly

    Decision Net® now offers a convenient way for you to get the full story on the professional background and credentials of healthcare practitioners across a range of medical disciplines. The Health Care Provider Plus Report will help accelerate your investigations and improve workflow. The new report gives you key insights from multiple data sources and […]