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    New “Black Box” Standards

    On three previous occasions, I’ve blogged about the “black box” standards that took effect on September 1, 2012. You can read my earlier posts here: Black Boxes: The Promise and the Problems (July 18, 2011) Black Boxes: The Bill, the Vote, and the Year 2015 (May 1, 2012) Black Boxes: The Problems and the Promise […]

    Black Boxes: The Bill, the Vote, and the Year 2015

    On July 18, 2011, I published “Black Boxes: The Problems and the Promise.” At that time, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had issued a rule requiring all event data recorders (EDRs) installed in new cars after September 1, 2012, to capture data in the same way. The rule required […]

    New Twitter Service Can Help Insurers Gather Market Research

    Until recently, Twitter gave businesses search access to tweets for only a brief time. However, a U.K. data provider has changed all that — companies will now be able to search through an archive of tweets going back two years, according to an article in Insurance Networking News. This unprecedented event stands to have far-reaching […]

    Social Media: Information Sharing and Insurance

    For the property/casualty insurance industry, 2011 was a remarkably “sharing” year. I don’t mean what you think. I’m talking about sharing on social media websites. Of the eleven most shared events during the year, three were directly related to property loss. The Japanese tsunami, Hurricane Irene, and the U.S. East Coast earthquake were major occasions […]

    Winter: A Season of Claims

    The October 29 snowstorm on the East Coast reminded us that winter is fast approaching — and that none of us can know for certain what’s going to happen next. As described in Insurance Journal, insurers are already beginning to count claims from the highly unusual early storm, which lasted less than 20 hours but […]

    Social Media: Fighting Insurance Fraud

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, wikis — social media are everywhere today. And though concerns about privacy persist, many people willingly reveal the most intimate details of their lives through postings to social websites. In their ongoing efforts to combat fraud, insurers are turning to such postings for evidence of activities that suggest dishonest claims. […]