Brandon L. Guidry

Brandon L. Guidry

Brandon L. Guidry is the State Implementation Specialist of CV-ALIR for Verisk Insurance Solutions. He has a business administration degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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    New Jersey proof-of-insurance requirements

    New Jersey law requires every driver or operator of a vehicle to have a registration certificate and an insurance identification card on hand at all times. The state issued a Motor Vehicle Advisory on March 21, 2017, indicating that motorists may provide either electronic or paper insurance identification cards as proof of insurance. Cell phones, tablets, […]

    TN Requests Carriers to Include NAICs on Insurance ID Cards

    DOR has informed carriers they are running into problems in attempting to verify NAIC numbers when a motorist contacts them for assistance.  These problems include: Customer doesn’t know or cannot locate the NAIC number The NAIC number isn’t listed on the insurance card. NAIC number is listed on the policy but it is labeled “Customer […]

    Tennessee HB 280 Signed into Law

    William Haslam signed House Bill 280 into law on March 22.  The bill extends the time given to respond to a Department of Revenue (DOR) request for information regarding motorists suspected of not having proper auto insurance coverage.  Previously the response time was 15 days; it is now 30 days. HB 280 also established a […]

    Arkansas HB 2193 Signed into Law

    Arkansas Governor William Asa Hutchinson signed House Bill 2193 into law on April 6. The bill repeals the current Insurance Verification Database enacted in 1997 and replaces it with the Arkansas Online Insurance Verification System Act. The Arkansas Online Insurance Verification System Act will facilitate the implementation of an online insurance verification system (OLV). Courts, […]

    Arkansas now supports FTP file submissions

    The Arkansas Office of Driver Services announced that its auto liability insurance reporting system can now support FTP file submissions. The announcement was made during an industrywide conference call on March 23, 2017. In addition to FTP file submission, the state will also continue to support reporting through CDs, ADVANTIS, and paper (for carriers with […]

    MSVIVS Ramping Up

    MSVIVS – OLV Testing In addition to requiring a book of business (BoB) file by the first Tuesday of each month, Mississippi is currently testing the online verification (OLV) portion of the new Mississippi Vehicle Insurance Verification System (MSVIVS). The 6 month pilot program for OLV services is expected to begin once the state reaches […]