Strategic Alliances

Verisk Analytics works with leading software, technology, and consulting firms to develop solutions that can help your organization deliver value in every area of your business. Verisk Strategic Alliances licenses a wide variety of data, information, and related products from Verisk’s businesses, including:

Also ask us about QuickFill® Auto and QuickFill Property — an innovative delivery system that prefills insurance quotes, electronic forms, or applications at point of quote or point of sale.

What’s in it for you?
If your company serves the insurance or educational marketplace, you’ll realize significant benefits by joining Verisk Strategic Alliances. Here’s how you can enhance your products and services:

  • Increase speed to market
    You’ll receive advance notification through ISO circulars and real-time access to ISO products and services as soon as we release them to insurers — so you can make sure your products are always up to date.
  • Reduce expenses
    When you receive information in electronic formats compatible with your systems, you’ll reduce your customers’ expenses by eliminating the cost of data entry. And you’ll significantly improve the accuracy of your offerings.
  • Benefit from our expertise
    You’ll have access to Verisk and ISO experts in all disciplines — including actuarial and statistical — for all lines of property/casualty insurance. You’ll also benefit from our training materials on many products.
  • Gain industry recognition
    You’ll be recognized for your association with Verisk, ISO, and our other affiliates that provide industry-leading products and services. You can display that association, and you’ll get special recognition at industry trade shows.
  • Differentiate your offerings
    You can integrate ISO’s extensive information into your new and existing products and services for insurers, agents, brokers, educators, and others. With vast, accurate content, you’ll build best-in-class products and services for your customers.

Want to know more?
To learn about how your company can become part of Verisk Strategic Alliances, please complete our information request form. You can also call Mitch Bierman at 201-469-2503 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Working with a vendor that’s not currently a Verisk Strategic Alliance? Contact your sales representative or Verisk Customer Support at
1-800-888-4476 for more information.

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Educational License Application

Are you an educational institution or industry organization interested in using Verisk/ISO products? Please fill out our educational license application.